candle fragrances

Fragrance for candles

We know what works best in candle applications, and our capabilities and offerings are well known in the industry. We carefully produce fragrance for candle

air freshner fragrances

Air care

Recent trend on shift of market to the Aerosol media has made us look into this category of product carefully. Our comprehensive and substantial experience

aromatic gel fragrances

Aromatic gel

We have not left in change is giving our best in fragrance to match the controlled release saturated fragrance to Gel manufacturing industry.

diffusers fragrances

Reed diffusers

Recent years Reed diffuser market has swept off the other aroma release product. We also supply the best fragrance concentrate to this market.

fragrances for women


More beautiful the smell, more beautiful you look!

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body perfumes fragrances


From unblemished fragrance comes unblemished beauty!

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cleaning products fragrances


The smell of spring is now at your household

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fragrances for candles

for candles

Now decorate your home with our rejuvenating products

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fruit fragrances


Fruity fragrances are one of our strong scents among few of our top rated fragrance types

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flowers fragrances


Nothing can be as refreshing as the smell of flowers

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home-care fragrances


Pleasant fragrance all day around keeps you awaken and deliver a pleasant sense of feeling

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wood fragrances


Nothing can be as refreshing as the smell of flowers

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about us

One of the largest suppliers of fragrances, Frag India is the final word when it comes to the best aromatic products. The enticing aroma extracted from the untapped natural resources always refreshes the hearts and we strongly believe we have been able to give our customers that refreshing aromatic experience.

cleaning products fragrances
body perfume fragrances
beauty products fragrances

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